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Suspect a genetic disease?

Personal DNA Test
for early detection of genetic susceptibility to the 28 most common diseases in the world.
Warn Yourself against Disease!
Discover the genetic risk of developing 28 diseases
We conduct a full range of research and analysis of your DNA for the possible presence or susceptibility to the most dangerous diseases in the world.

Basal-cell carcinoma
Peripheral vascular disease
Alzheimer's disease
Graves' disease
Venous thromboembolism
Brain aneurysm
Age-related macular degeneration
Exfoliative glaucoma

Open-angle glaucoma
Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Coronary heart disease
Colorectal cancer
Hair loss
Stomach cancer
Lung cancer
Breast cancer
Bladder cancer
Prostate cancer
Multiple sclerosis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Atrial fibrillation
Celiac disease
The test is essential for people who want to:
  • Find out the risk of hereditary development of each of the 28 diseases before they occur.
  • Discover serious prerequisites and choose the healthy lifestyle.
  • Consult specialists and get information on how to prevent diseases.
  • Get the best and most valuable genetic passport for life.
  • Save money and time - live a long and happy life.
Find out how it works and order the DNA test for early detection of a genetic susceptibility to the 28 most common diseases in the world right now!



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